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10:11pm 20/11/2008
  SO I was just about to cook dinner, when my flate mate comes in and decides to cook a carrot cake. great. so Im updating Lj instead. mostly cos I cant actually remember when I last did.

Im not sure I have updated in a few months, so heres an update on where my life stands now.....

I am going to be 21 in a few days. I live in Andalusia, Spain, since September. I am speaking spanish all day everyday. All my favourite people are atleast 500 miles away and I am 1400 miles away from home. My parents have moved to Gibraltar which means they are now living about 50minss down the road from me. My sister has moved to another part of Britain. One of my cats died this summer and the other has been given away to a random old lady. I am working 9 till 6 everyday, in a different language, in a different culture, with pay below minimum wage and no holiday allowance. I dont have internet at home. I am still single. I am still slightly anaemic, exhausted and hurty stomach. I am 21 on Monday but I feel like Im turning 31.

I am still loving life, loving God and soooooo excited to be living this life!

Who reads this nowdays? If you have got this far, could you leave a comment?
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08:23pm 09/01/2008
  yep. I am just really happy here.

Exeter, January 9th 2008
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05:03pm 09/03/2007
  you know how capital radio mentions the temperature in random places across london in the weather section... well it just did watford =)
(its 12 degrees)

yes i listen to capital in devon.
01:55pm 23/01/2007
  man, shoulda got over to branscombe last night lol

Its so cold here this week, ive had to wear my coat during the day!
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02:36pm 08/01/2007
  omg i love the tiscali broadband radio ad!  
11:42am 06/11/2006
  yesterday i learnt to drive with music playing at the same time. it sooooo gooooood!
and i didnt get beeped at all when driving yesterday! first time since i passed...
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10:43am 23/09/2006
  Im moving away today - 200 miles out of the city, west into the countryside. rural england. heh.
Dont know how long till i next have internet.
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07:22am 17/08/2006
  I got into Exeter!!!
Im soooooo happy!
im gunna live by the sea!

(UCAS tracks now available btw!)
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the day before   
09:05pm 16/08/2006
  "its like a twisted christmas eve" - Steph.  
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08:53pm 25/06/2006
  k last post i promise.... sorry im taking up 3 places of your flist...

i am loving hip-hop/latin fusion.

check out sergio mendes. *dances*
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06:56pm 10/06/2006
  im changing msn accounts... how do import all my contacts from my old account into my new acount, in one go? or do i have to individually import them all??  
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04:25pm 02/05/2006
  The most random thing happened to me yesterday.


scroll down to where it says additional information

see where it says GARNET and D7

I did that...Collapse )

Beat that kids.
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03:37pm 05/02/2006
  I think im getting ill, my throat hurts as well as my nose, i am feeling reallly tired an lethargic after sleeping 11 hours last night, im not hungry either... hmmm maybe.  
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10:58pm 14/01/2006
  The Ataris

April, 29 2006 at Earl's Court

omgeeeee! waited soooo long for this!
10:28pm 12/01/2006
  Für Keinen ist es zu fruh oder spät für die Gesundheit der Seele zu sorgen.  
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04:37pm 24/12/2005
  Ronni Day.

He is amazing. Only 17, not signed or anything like that...

05:04pm 12/12/2005
  Not only am i complete wuss, i am a completely stupid wuss.
I text virgin adio earlier requesting Beatles - Ticket to ride, cos wanted to win a digital radio....and hear teh song of course. They just called me and asked if they could record me requesting it and play it on the most watned show tonight. I said no....

Im such a chiken. i duno why i said no...i jus got scared and thot nooooo! I sound like 10 when im on the phone...
grrr im sooo silly!

They said i didnt win anything tho...
Huge oil depot explosion   
09:45am 11/12/2005
  At first i thought it was an earthquake cos my bed, next to two windows shook. Then i figured you dont get that big a sound with an earthquake, and we're not on a fault... Then as the noise dyed down i came to the conclusion that it was a loada lowflying military air crafts. THe thought of it being a plane crash did pass through my mind, i live directly under a flight path. I think generally i thought I had dreamed it, cos if it was a big thing, my family would come in. I woke up half an hour later and found my door wide open, having previously been fast shut. I thought it was weird cos no one had been in my room (including cats). Then my sister called me from a friends house and told me what happened...

Im sposed to be going home to st. albans for a bit today. country roads here i come!

Can anyone else smell smoke in the air? or see the cloud?

Atleast it happened while i was asleep, so i thought i was dreaming instead of dying or something...

Someone said they heard it in taunton... i find that hard to believe. It would be ver scary if you were in central london at the time...

and you?
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06:04pm 01/12/2005
  omg Tommy Lee is soooooo hardcore!!1  
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07:19pm 17/11/2005
  Wird alles anders?

Ja Ich weiss, es war ne' geile Zeit,
Es war kein Weg zu weit ...Du fehlst mir... Hey ich tut mir leid,
Es ist vorbei

Denn du weisst, dass es geil war
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